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Capcom's Dead Rising to resurface on Wii

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Another one of Capcom's zombie-filled death-toll games, Dead Rising, is set for re-release on Nintendo's Wii console, get.

And the string of old games Capcom is porting to the Wii continues. Dead Rising, the Xbox 360 zombie fest, is being repackaged for the Wii. This follows remakes Resident Evil 4 and Okami. Dead Rising Wii appears to be a direct port of the existing game, not something new (and, mercifully, not a mini-game collection with waggle brain devouring).

Even if E3 was abit of a bore for most Wii gamers, we're slowly starting to see some promise with games like MadWorld, The Conduit and now Dead Rising.

This news was spotted in the latest Famitsu, we'd like to say thanks to Capcom, but how about developing some NEW zombie games for Wii? Please?


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xwolf7 said:

Cool that kind of games are always welcome on Nintendo´s console



motang said:

Awesome, I shall make sure to check this one out. As it sounded like a cool game but I don't a 360 so I wasn't able to play it.

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