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Resident Evil 0 Is Coming To Wii?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen might be gearing up for a Wii release according to a report from Japanese "Bible" Famitsu.

Resident Evil 0 was an exclusive title for the GameCube way back in 2003 and filled in the events that happened before the "mansion incident" in Resident Evil (1). It follows the disappearance of the Bravo team and implemented a co-op style of play with Rebecca and Billy needing to team up in order to solve various puzzles.

Hopefully the game will feature some updated controls (including the removal of the classic "tank controls") and be refined to play a little more like the excellent Resident Evil 4.

Famitsu have the release down as Summer but Capcom are refusing to comment.


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Djack said:

never really played though RE0 but I vaguely remember playing it. If they released it with the "new" RE aiming scheme...I would buy it in a heartbeat!

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