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No Resident Evil Zero. Darn You Capcom!

Posted by Sammy Barker have been informed there will be no European release for Resident Evil 0 on the Wii.

Following on from our story yesterday, Capcom have sent out this heartbreaking email:

"We currently have no plans to bring the Wii version of Resident Evil 0 that you saw in Famitsu yesterday to either US or Europe at this point in time," a magical mystery spokesperson told the site. "It will most likely be a Japan-only release."

This is a great shame given there are a lot of people that may well have experienced Resident Evil for the first time on Wii and may be wanting to get to grips with the rest of the story. An opportunity to upgrade the controls so we can also enjoy the game minus deep frustration was also a bonus.

Alas it's pretty unlikely we'll see a Wii-make of the whole Resident Evil series now, which, say what you like about ports is a great shame.


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Djack said:

Good thing we has a freeloader now :) if you can stand playing it in japanese......



Visor said:

There really isnt a point in this because RE0 wouldnt benefit from wii controls... and it's a fairly recent game so it looks spot on for the GCN anyway.

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