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Oh Noes! Wavebird Discontinued

Posted by Damien McFerran

Wave goodbye to the Wavebird

The Gamecube may be old news now but for many of us the memory of this much-maligned machine lives on through the excellent Wavebird controller, which comes in very handy when indulging in Virtual Console gaming. The controller is also an excellent alternative for Wii games that are difficult to play using the Wiimote.

Unfortunately Nintendo has now announced that no more Wavebird controllers will be produced, although the standard ‘wired’ Gamecube pad will remain in circulation.

Wavebird pads have traditionally held their value quite well, and this news is likely to make them even more desirable. Don’t be surprised if they start appearing on eBay for a pretty penny.


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The_Stig said:

I never liked the Wavebird, it looks too clunky and it doesn't have vibration does it?

Although it's a good alternative, because the normal Gamecube controller wire was way too short, that's what I loved about the original Xbox controller, about 1mile of cable



Dazza said:

If Nintendo have any sense they will release a Wavebird for the Wii which doesn't need the dongle. A simple firmware update should allow it to work with Gamecube and VC games. It could even have rumble!

C'mon Nintendo, sort it out! The Wavebird was a great controller back in the days of the cube. Much better than all those messy cables.



Djack said:

good thing I just bought a new one! I have an original original grey one that came out at US launch, and it still works but occasionally flips out.



Damo said:

Perhaps this news may point to Nintendo revealing a new Wavebird at some point soon?



Zenman said:

i already got one! i was too tiredd of sitting back on the couch and pulling out my cube. the only thing i dont get is no rumble wich doesnt do u much good in mario party where they ask to feel for a rumble, another thing is the 16 wave channels neh, good controller tho, sad to see it go

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