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EU VC Releases - 7th December - Sega Week

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Breaking the norm again this month, Sega only releases two games instead of the usual three. No matter though when both of them are great! Rolling Thunder 2 is one of Dazza's favourites. It borrows some elements from Shinobi and combined it with arcade action, as there's enemies coming at you from all sides. While somewhat short, the game just oozes quality every step you take, with great music, graphics and gameplay.

The other Mega Drive offering is Light Crusader, an isometric Action RPG which is somewhat similar to Landstalker. Don't ignore it - It's a Treasure game! If you've played games like Gunstar Heroes, Sin & Punishment and Alien Soldier you know they rock, and this game is no exception, despite being slightly less good than their other games. Check it out!

The non-Mega Drive offering today is Cybernator for the SNES, a fast-paced action platformer where you play as a big robotic suit and blast the heck out of everything. The opposite of Rolling Thunder 2, this is one of Damo's favourites.

That's three great games today. If you're not afraid to spend points on games you've never played (I'm pointing at you, people who call this week bad!) then this week could get expensive!

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Jack said:

Cybernator's listed under older games, eh? You know what that means - it's that game that NOE delayed a couple of weeks back.

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx said:

was expecting something great for the year aniversary! (-1 day of course) but still, i definatly like checking out games i've never experienced

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx said:

also a whole year and only 9 n64 games! whats going on!! the console will be obsolete by the time we get to some of the lesser know gems!



Bass_X0 said:

but chaz, all the games on the VCs N64 list are fun and playable (even Yoshi's Story). I think its something to do with Nintendo commanding a monopoly of the N64 VC games only putting their own games on it. I don't know why...

Oh, and Cybernator. Cool. I remember reading the review of the game in the very first Nintendo Magazine System I ever got (#12 or #13 I think) and thinking how awesome it was. And when I finally got it, it was awesome.



ZueriHB said:

I should apologize, I first thought it's a bad week, but Cybernator is interesting and fun, and Rolling Thunder II I have yet to try, but I think I wont be disappointed.

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx said:

bass man, of course they are all genious games, i've downloaded them all but with the exception of sin & punishement, most nintendo fans may even still own the cartridges for the other games available let alone would have completed them, it would be nice to see some lesser know titles about



Ben said:

I was hoping for Pokemon Snap, but oh well. Maybe next week.



JNoodles said:

Predictions for December 10, 2007 NA Releases:

Pokemon Snap - N64 (Confirmed)
Light Crusader - MD/Genesis
Monster Lair - TurboGrafx-16

Which one should I get out of these three if they DO come out though? Right now I'm leaning towards Pokemon Snap.



still I had hoped they (Big N) would give us europies some kind af present -_- 30,000,000$ is not enough???

to bad



Bass_X0 said:

i'd think sometime during december but nobody can give you an accurate prediction.



alvieao said:

Rolling Thunder 2 perhaps started the trend of Sega and Namco borrowing gameplay ideas from each other. The rest was history when both companies outdid each other in different arcade genres...

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