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Dress up your Wii remote, for free!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Due to the many complaints over the past months about how Wii remotes slip out of hands easily, Nintendo will soon start packing "Wii remote jackets" with Wii systems and additional remotes. If you already have a Wii though, you can order them free! Simply head to your region's Nintendo site and fill in the form to receive your free remote jackets starting mid-October.

Here's the links to each region's request form:

  • Europe (Select your country, click Consumer Service, Safety Information, and then Wii Remote Jacket Information)
  • North America/Canada (It is also possible to call)
  • Australia (You'll have to call Nintendo by phone if you live in Australia)
  • Japan (It is also possible to call)

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Jakurdo said:

There were some problems with the dutch site (it linked to the belgian form) but thats fixed now. Ordered mine straight away, not to estatic 'bout the look, but it'll prolly be functional (and they're free ^^) Kinda looks like a Wiimote.. with an afro, lol



Henry said:

I'm ordering Jakets for my Wii Remote as soon as i've finished typing this message.



Ordered 4, just in case I decide to buy 2 more Wii Remotes in future
Hey! I've spent alot of money on Nintendo Products! It's about time they give me something back! (Even if it's free!)



Steve said:

Dur... they're included free with future Wii remotes, Oui_Oui. =P



monkey said:

But what if you would randomly decide to go out and buy wii remotes tomorrow? They wouldnt come with cushiony things.. So you should just order as many as you can now.



Flip13lolb said:

THIS IS SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME I really do't care for it but this should stop my hands from getting really sweaty after playing for an hour and when playing my ds it gets sweaty about after....never



William said:

they look nice and smug-hope I filled in the dutch form correctly! (I only have broken knollage of dutch!)



Rockman_90 said:

I agree Vorondil how should we get the remote jacket when its not even shown on the website how whe should get it?



Yoshi175 said:

I ordered two, one for the remote that came wth my wii and one for my wii play remote. Might not use them but I'd like to have them anyway.



PsiOmega said:

The Swedish site hasn't been updated since some point before December 8, 2005 and I doubt it ever will be.
So anyway, for Swedes it's more likely that the necessary information will be posted at at some unknown point in the future.



Jaxathon said:

Lol More free stuff for Jax?? I just got my new remote straps a few weeks ago =D

I just put an order in for these =P but I dont really plan on using them. since I dont have the problem of the remote going to slip out of my hands.. I just love free stuff =D FREEEEEEEEEE



ZueriHB said:

For Swiss people, just contact
You should give your Name, Address and Tel#, and how many Jackets you need.



Bensei said:

Yeah, Nintendo Club of Austria got their own ones too (Austria doesn't belong to NoE)



Clayfrd said:

Arg... I just placed an order for one, but the address was wrong (not updated), so I went back to edit it without pressing cancel (due to the lack of a cancel button), and now it won't let me re-order for 24 hours....



Shiyo said:

I ordered two (I have two Wiimotes). I didn't order because I have problems with it flying across the room at sub-light speeds, but a little bit extra grip is nice. I do find myself getting sweaty hands quite quickly when playing something like Wii Sports, so while not necessary, I do welcome the jackets.



JJ said:

Nintendo really have an answer to everything! Even if it's weird...



isiah said:

awsome a free wii jacket cant wait!! thanks tall =D thanks who ever dose this@!!

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