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Build Your Own Brawl Stage

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Smash Bros DOJO has revealed that Smash Bros Brawl will indeed have a stage builder feature, allowing you to save them to SD cards.

You can create your own stages this time?! No way. REALLY?! With a feature like that, won’t I be able to play this game forever?! Those who enjoy a little effort may be able to enjoy this stage builder for the rest of their lives.

You start by choosing the size of the stage, the background pattern, and the music that will play. Oops! Sorry. For music, you’ll only be able to choose from the songs you have available.

Looks like Nintendo have created a half decent level editor here, allowing you to save as many as you want to your SD card and even trade stages over the internet with your friends. Top Notch!


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motang said:

Alright thats it I am getting this game once it comes out! This is one feature that just put me on the Brawl bandwagon!

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