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US VC Releases - 3rd September - Landstalker

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Yet another great week for Americans. This week you don't get 3 games, but 4! Although it's questionable if one of them can be considered a game...

The big game of the week is Landstalker. This RPG for the Genesis is one of the finest games on the system, and one of the best isometric RPGs ever made. It's quite a big game and will keep you entertained for hours. This is not one to miss.

Second this week is Bonk 3 for the TurboGrafx. The final Bonk game on the system rivals Bonk's Revenge for best game in the series, and introduces some fun new gameplay elements like growing and shrinking, along with a 2 player mode.

The third game this week is the first game in the series with everybody's favourite fat man in a grass skirt. Yes, it's Adventure Island! One of Hudson's best series, although it seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth lately. Will we get another game in the series ever again? Regardless, the original game is a bit better than the VC's other Adventure Island offering - New Adventure Island.

America's final "game" today is Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Presumably this was only thrown in this week since Europe's had it for about 3 months, as it's a rubbish educational game which won't entertain you for more than a minute. Download at your own risk!

That's the third week in a row North America has a great selection. What's going on at Nintendo of America? Check out the reviews here:

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole - Sega Genesis - 800 Wii Points

Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Wii Points

Adventure Island - NES - 500 Wii Points

Donkey Kong Jr. Math - NES - 500 Wii Points

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Matt said:

I know that's sarcasm, but it's still another great week except for donkey kong jr. math



shortay-01 life isn't Fair
better get used to it ... or you're gonna suffer because of it



Drake said:

Actually, I believe we're not getting a TurboGrafx game this week. None listed on the site for today, and seeing as there's 3 games coming this month while there's 4 weeks, that is possible.



CastlevaniaTest said:

Is the only reason they did 4 games this week because it's back-to-school time and they wanted to find the perfect time to release DK Jr. Math?



Matt_Chewiwie said:


I've prayed and prayed every Monday to see this game. Everyone who hasn't played it, needs to.

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