European Nintendo Wii Packaging

Nintendo have sent us some very sleek pictures of the European packaging for some of the Nintendo Wii's peripherals and we thought it best to share them with you.

The pictures do confirm that you will be able to use RGB Scart for connecting your Wii to the television, which is good news for all those that weren't sure whether the Wii would work on their TV. Unfortunately no word on VGA cables yet but we will keep you updated. Also shown was the Wii Remote packaging, Nunchuck, Classic Controller and Component Cables (for those with LCD TVs).

In terms of pricing - a Wii Remote will cost you £29 and a Nunchuck £14. The Classic Controller will be £14 and the cables will be £19 each.

The pricing isn't too bad - considering there will be cheaper options online and the price will drop soon. I just would prefer it if the Nunchuck was included with the Wii Remote for £40 or something. Ah well. Can't have it all, huh?