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Wii Marketing In Full Swing

Posted by Anthony Dickens

With only a month until the US launch, Nintendo are starting to push the Wii brand across the globe.

Flickr member "branille" recently posted a photograph of Nintendo's impressive advert in Time Square's Toys R Us store in New York.

Nintendo have also announced a aggressive marketing campaign in Europe, a region which is somewhat neglected by the games industry as a whole.

The company is set to spend £9.7 million for promotion purposes from now until the close of the holiday season, and a further £6.7 million between January and March. Nintendo plans to advertise through television and cinema spots, as well as a major press campaign and demo units."

Hopefully some of this budget will get spent wisely and secure Nintendo's branding back to its former dominate self.


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ReInstall said:

There are more UK marketing details on

Lowe told us, “The average mainstream TV campaign from someone such as, for example, Walkers Crisps, aims to reach 60% of UK viewers, who will see the ad a minimum of two times. This helps to understand the size and impact of the Wii campaign, which will reach 80% of UK viewers who will see the ad a minimum of three times.”

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