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Justin Lee Collins To Host Golden Joysticks

Posted by Anthony Dickens

That idiot off Channel 4 (no, not Jimmy Carr again) set to give out the gongs at this years bash.

We earlier reported about the shortlist of nominees for the Golden Joystick Awards 2006, which is now to be presented by the "comic talent" of Justin Lee Collins.

"Awards presenter, Justin Lee Collins can currently be seen presenting the Friday Night Project on Channel 4. Hailing from Bristol, he started out as a stand-up comic, but quickly moved to presenting. Having worked for MTV, Bravo, and the BBC, he now works under an exclusive deal with Channel 4. As well as The Friday Night Project, Justin is known for presenting Bring Back the A-Team and for his work on influential indie and alternative radio station XFM."

Whilst the A-Team fanatic wasn't available for comment, James Ashton-Tyler, organiser of the Golden Joystick Awards had the following to say.

"I’m delighted that Justin Lee Collins has signed up to present the awards. He’s one of the UK's hottest TV presenters and will bring his own unique style to the event. Everyone involved in the Golden Joystick Awards will be doing their bit to raise the profile of this annual event, as we aim to beat the 200,000 votes cast last year."

That's hopefully the last we'll hear about the Golden Joysticks for a few months.


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Nanaki said:

Hah, the Golden Joysticks will sure be... interesting this year!

200,000 votes seems kind of small when you compare it to how many people own games.



James2t3 said:

I never watch these shows, there always a bit naff. You know by looking at some of the people there they don't really want to be there .

It's just all abit silly, TV isn't really the proper medium. it's like "omg GTA won best sound track OMG, now lets take a look at this game" boring game play footage, old trailer or worst of all they animate the charachter and pretend there talking to them or somthin.

Still I kinda like Justin Lee Collins he's a bit funny and always sounds enthusiastic.



Masterless said:

Shame on you Ant for speaking badly about Jimmy Carr!
I'll guess I will watch it though, programmes about games are scarce.

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