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Another Tomb Raider Movie?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Ian Livingstone suggests that a third Lara Croft movie is on the cards with Paramount Pictures.

In an interview with, Eidos big boss man Livingstone has suggested that they are currently in talks with movie makers about a third Tomb Raider movie.

"Nothing's been signed yet and we still need to hire a script writer. The film's not been green lit yet, so for me it'd be ideal to tie in a movie script with a game script at the same time, to have them both in harmony rather than out of kilter - which has happened in the past."

According to Angelina Jolie is said to have" expressed an interest in reprising the role", and Red Dwaft legend Chris Barrie last year told newspapers that the third film is "on the slate".

It's quite possible that we'll see another Tomb Raider movie, perhaps tied with a follow up title to Tomb Raider: Legend which recently reinvigorated the brand.

Either way we'll be covering all game based films right here, check back for updates.


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The_Stig said:

Oh dear, simply a case of too much budget, too much time, on their hands.

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