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Put the legendary power of Lara Croft in the palm of your hands in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend!

Follow Lara down a path of discovery as she travels the globe to remote, exotic locales in search of one of history’s greatest artifacts that unleash unwelcome figures from Lara’s mysterious past. Lara must use her athletic ability and intellectual wits to explore vast, treacherous tombs, riddled with challenging puzzles and deadly traps. Experience the beginning of the new Legend in the most adrenaline-fueled Tomb Raider adventure ever!

Lara Croft evolved!
The sexy, dual-pistol wielding heroine is presented like never before with new graphic and animation sets, presenting Lara in the finest fidelity to date

Return to the tombs!
Discover and explore living breathing, lost ancient realms that hold clues to the secrets of Lara’s past. Physics, Water and Fire systems bring the perilous environments of Lara’s world alive, and challenge the player to improvise solutions to obstacles. The Intuitive and Fluid Control System movement allows you to keep Lara in continuous motion; seamlessly handle any obstacle and interact dynamically with any surface

Experience the new legend of the Tomb Raider series!
The future of the adrenaline-fueled adventure meets the promise of the next generation gaming systems.

Utilize strength and intelligence on your quest!
Use the grappling hook, an arsenal of new weapons, communications devices, and other tools to achieve your goals.

Travel the globe to the world’s most exotic locales!
Explore ancient tombs, treacherous jungles, snowy mountain ranges, and much more.

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Omega said:

I like this game: It has great graphics, a dense atmosphere, varied level-design, beautiful well-animated Lara Croft and it's not too difficult.

The perfect thing for average gamer like me, who are searching for a great, not too difficult action-adventure experience. And it's without doubt a must-have for Tomb Raider fans.

I needed 9 days (approx. 3 hours per day) to completely play through the game.

I would rate the game as follows:

Difficulty: 3/10
Averall: 9/10

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