SEGA of America's Vice President of Marketing Scott Steinberg recently sad down with GameDaily.biz and discussed what the SEGA's plans were for Wii. First topic was the affordability of Wii development over the 360 and PS3.

So, there's no doubt that Wii is a more affordable for developers and publishers to build games on; it's much more analogous to the GameCube. And there's no doubt that you can spend a lot of money chasing billions of polygons on the 360 and PS3, but you also don't have to."

The VP makes a good point here, although games might be cheaper to develop on Wii, there are options on PS3 and Xbox 360 that might bring your costs down, its not a simple cost for cost comparison.

Steinberg then suggests that although development on Wii might be innovative, it might take alittle time for the developers to fully understand what works and what doesn't on the new controller.

I recently got back from a little tour around, and I've not seen a lot of third parties developing, so they're behind. There's a bit of a design, creative learning curve on how to fully exploit the nunchuks and Sega is already thinking about its second generation software. So if they're not already here, they probably weren't on board at the beginning and the companies are going to have a harder time thinking about ways to innovate and Sega's already thinking second generation."

We've seen a similar thing on the Nintendo DS, its second and third wave of products have really come into their own. Obviously there were good games at the start, but the hit/miss ratio has increased as the games makers learn what really works with the new interface.

You can read the entire article over on the GameDaily.biz website.

[via biz.gamedaily.com]