Nintendo have another Mario winner on the DS, New Super Mario Bros smashes through the 500,000 barrier in the US.

"After just 35 days on store shelves, New Super Mario Bros.® for Nintendo DS™ has racked up sales in excess of one half million in the United States alone. That's a sell-through rate of more than 20 every minute since the game went on sale May 15."

That's one sale every 3 seconds, pretty impressive for a handheld title. New Super Mario Bros is some what old, at least in terms of gameplay. NSMB returns to the classic Mario platforming action we all came to love in the 80s and 90s.

"New Super Mario Bros. marks a new adventure for Mario™, the most popular video game character in history. The classic feel of the game attracts newcomers and old-school fans alike, and the gaming press has universally praised New Super Mario Bros. as a near-perfect video game."

Lets hope Super Mario Galaxy is just as popular with the fans.

[via nintendo.com]