Today, Virgin PLAY has announced its partnership with the game developer Dream On Studio to release "Dead & Furious" for Nintendo DS later this year. Apparently both parties are very happy about it.

Benjamin Yoris, CEO from Dream On Studio is very pleased to announce his partnership with Virgin Play on the game Dead'n Furious for the Nintendo DS, and he said about it: “ We are very excited to work with Virgin Play on such a fun and action-packed game. With your stylus or your finger, you will recreate all the sensations of an arcade gun-shooter: different weapons, zombies, a mysterious story ... All the ingredients for a great gaming moment, including touch screen gameplay and 2 players cooperative game mode, will be in your hands!

There is little known about this title so far, we'll be sure to keep you upto date as the months pass by, in the meantime, go play Metroid Prime: Hunters.

[via dreamon-studio.com]