In their press release Datel stated:

"MAX Media Player for DS

This is the greatest add-on in the history of the handheld. MAX Media Player turns your Nintendo DS into a powerful home entertainment device, with movie playback, music on the move and a convenient picture viewer.

At the heart of MAX Media Player for DS is Datel’s exclusive MAX Media Player. Just insert the cartridge into your DS’s game slot and boot up our fully-featured browser. From here, you can play your MP3 audio tracks, watch videos and view your JPEGs on your DS’s screen. You can even use the browser to activate executable programs!

But where do you store all this media? Simple. MAX Media Player for DS comes supplied with a 4GB hard drive unit, which you plug into your DS’s GBA cartridge slot. It draws its power directly from the DS – no additional batteries are needed. And 4GB is a lot of storage space. Enough, in fact, for up to ten full-length movies. Or over a thousand music tracks. Or thousands of digital pictures. Or numerous other file types, such as data programs and executables…

MAX Media Player for DS is easy to use. Just connect your HDD unit to your PC with the USB cable (supplied). Open the Media Manager PC application (also supplied), and use it to transfer your media to the 4GB hard drive. It’s easy – the PC application even converts movies to a format your MAX Media Player can understand, and resizes your digital images so they fit perfectly on the DS screen. Now you can kill time on that long journey by watching movies on the move, or listening to your favourite sounds. You can take your digital holiday snaps round your granny’s or down the pub without printing them out too!

MAX Media Player uses the USB 2.0 protocol, so it offers great transfer speeds. It’s out in late April for a mere £129/$189.99. Bargain!"

It is good to see that the DS is getting some media functions although the hard drive is more expensive than the DS itself. Hopefully we should be able to get a hands on review of the product soon enough.