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  • News Expiry Dates Extended for Three My Nintendo Rewards

    Well 'ain't that sweet

    My Nintendo is well underway as the loyalty programme for big N fans, and though it has areas in which it can improve it's certainly full of positives and potential. One criticism, however, has centred around relatively tough expiry dates on some rewards - perhaps aware of the issue, Nintendo has now moved to extend three...

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  • Feature Breaking Down the My Nintendo Loyalty Economy, Again

    Now focused on the Western points and rewards

    The Club Nintendo replacement - My Nintendo - has now launched in the West alongside Miitomo. In the end Nintendo just hit its March deadline, launching the service and app on 31st March in various countries, with My Nintendo landing in more territories than the social app. For those in countries...

Friday1st Apr 2016

  • Poll What Do You Think of My Nintendo and Miitomo?

    Points and answers

    31st March was a notable day for fans of the big N, with Club Nintendo replacement My Nintendo launching in addition to Nintendo / DeNA's first full app - Miitomo. They're certainly tied together in their intention of encouraging fans old and new to engage with the company - hence the shared release date - though in practice...

Thursday31st Mar 2016

  • News My Nintendo Platinum Points Are Being Gifted to Former Club Nintendo Members in North America

    Check your mail

    It's pretty hard to avoid the news that My Nintendo has launched, and plenty will already be accumulating plenty of points to redeem on goodies. That certainly applies to Platinum Points, which are earned through various one-off activities along with weekly and daily 'missions'. It seems that former Club Nintendo members in North...

  • Guide Getting Started With My Nintendo

    Making the most of early days with the Club Nintendo replacement

    It's been a busy day for Nintendo, as it rolled out both My Nintendo and Miitomo across various countries in the West. We sense that it's the former that excites people the most, as it replaces the much loved and long lost Club Nintendo loyalty programme. We've published quite a lot...

  • News Nintendo's Official Website eShop Purchases Are Up and Running

    In Europe, so far, includes 'Nindie' games

    Among all of the excitement around the launch of My Nintendo, gamers in Europe and PAL territories can also see another promised feature in action - the option to purchase over 2000 games from the official website, with those downloads then sent automatically to their system. We've already tried this out...

  • News Nintendo's Gold Coin Prices Point the Way to Freebies

    Spend a little, win a little

    As you're likely already aware, the My Nintendo loyalty programme is now live, and it's all rather exciting. It's possible to pick up some early Platinum Points right off the bat, and Europeans can also grab their copy of Flipnote Studio 3D. Just head to the official website and login with your Nintendo Account. An...

  • News My Nintendo and Its Rewards Are Live


    The time is finally here - My Nintendo has launched in the West. The replacement to Club Nintendo appears to have beaten Miitomo to the punch as you can visit the official website, register and start earning and redeeming coins. We'll be rustling up a short Getting Started guide, but for now we have the European reward details below...

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