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Tuesday6th Jun 2017

  • News My Nintendo Just Got Another Update in North America


    It’s been almost exactly three months now since the launch of the Nintendo Switch and yet My Nintendo still has yet to update with any of the Switch rewards which are “coming soon”. While this no doubt comes as a disappointment to some, Nintendo for its part has been faithful in keeping the divisive rewards service ticking with new...

Thursday1st Jun 2017

Thursday25th May 2017

  • News Pikmin Rewards Arrive on My Nintendo in North America

    Partly as a plug for Hey! Pikmin pre-orders

    Hey! Pikmin isn't too far away now on 3DS; actually, it is, it's not out until late July. Well, whatever, My Nintendo's latest update in North America is themed around the franchise and the upcoming portable spin-off; if you're getting a sense of deja-vu that's because the European service had the same...

Friday19th May 2017

Thursday11th May 2017

Tuesday2nd May 2017

Thursday27th Apr 2017

Thursday13th Apr 2017

  • News My Nintendo Gets a Fresh Batch of Rewards

    The new Nintendo Direct wasn't our only gift from Nintendo

    My Nintendo has added new rewards as a celebration of the upcoming Spring holiday season with Yoshi, of course, leading the way in North America. Similarly there's 'Springtime Fun' in Europe that also includes some Pikmin 3 discounts. For North America, you can find the following rewards on...

Thursday6th Apr 2017

Thursday23rd Mar 2017

Tuesday14th Mar 2017

Friday10th Mar 2017

Thursday9th Mar 2017

Friday3rd Mar 2017

Thursday2nd Mar 2017

  • News My Nintendo Includes Multiple Fire Emblem Discounts in European Update

    Nintendo Switch rewards 'coming soon'

    My Nintendo, always good for a laugh. It's had its traditional start-of-the-month update with new rewards, and as always it's a mix of discounts and one virtual goodie. We already covered the North American update, so we've popped onto the EU equivalent of the site. It's actually a little more generous in the...

  • News New My Nintendo Awards Are Now Live in North America

    Huh, cool…

    Over the past couple months, Nintendo's My Nintendo service has been ever so slowly improving itself. The releases of Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes added more options to buy and spend coins and some of the deals have been a little more enticing. That being said, there's a lot of progress left to be made, but perhaps the latest...

Wednesday1st Feb 2017

  • News New My Nintendo Rewards Try to Show The Love for Valentine's Day

    Tainted love?

    Well, as it's February it's time to shoehorn in references to Valentine's Day, the season of love, tacky cards and over-priced chocolates. Maybe just focus on the first thing there and forget the Hallmark nonsense, we'd suggest. As it's also the start of the month it's time for new My Nintendo rewards, with Nintendo of America...

Thursday26th Jan 2017

Tuesday24th Jan 2017

Monday2nd Jan 2017

  • News My Nintendo's New Year Rewards Add Some Fresh Discounts

    Mario! Wario! Yoshi and more!

    With a new year underway little time was wasted in adding some additional rewards to My Nintendo, with new options landing on 1st January. Anyone hoping for exciting surprises to kick off 2017 may feel underwhelmed, but there are nevertheless some quality games now on discount. Details for Europe and North America are...

Thursday15th Dec 2016

Wednesday14th Dec 2016

Tuesday13th Dec 2016

Thursday1st Dec 2016

  • News My Nintendo Gets Plenty of Legend of Zelda Goodies in North America

    Discounts, themes, and also Flipnote Studio 3D

    With the start of the month comes the standard My Nintendo updates, and now the North American equivalent is on board. Capitalising on the buzz of upcoming footage of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the rewards are mostly focused around the iconic franchise. Details are below; as you can see...

  • News My Nintendo Rewards Site Gets A Fetching Facelift

    New rewards and "Child Accounts" available, too

    The My Nintendo rewards programme hasn't been running all that long but Nintendo has already given the main site something of a makeover. Almost every element of the site has been updated, with a new main page and refreshed sections for current rewards, points balances and ongoing missions. There are...

Thursday24th Nov 2016

  • News New My Nintendo Rewards Include European Launch Discounts

    Metroid gear arrives globally for Miitomo

    My Nintendo has had another round of updates, with some variations depending on your territory. We're not convinced the offerings will blow anyone's pants off, but they're available nevertheless. In Europe, first of all, there are two new discounts and a rather tempting Isabelle 3DS HOME Theme; details are...