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  • News New My Nintendo Discounts Go Live In Europe

    Mario Golf! Chibi-Robo! Wonderful 101!

    A host of new discounts have gone live on the My Nintendo site in Europe. As usual, we're looking at 3DS and Wii U content here. All of these discounts are active until April 1st. No fooling. 3DS Discounts 20% Discount on Mario Golf: World Tour (Nintendo eShop): 250 Platinum Points 30% Discount on...

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  • News My Nintendo in North America Adds New Sonic Rewards

    50% off games! Wallpapers! Themes!

    Sega enjoyed a good moment in the spotlight late this summer with the release of Sonic Mania, the 2D return to form that the series has been long overdue for. That’s not all the Sonic we’ll be seeing this year, however; Sonic Forces is due out later this month, hopefully to similarly impact the 3D line of Sonic...

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  • News 'Battle Inspired' Rewards Added to My Nintendo in North America

    Includes a discount on The Wonderful 101

    This week's new set of goodies on My Nintendo in North America is designed to promote Flip Wars, which arrived on the Switch eShop in the region last week. Even if that title isn't to everyone's taste, one discount in particular may prove tempting to some. Below are the 'Battle Inspired' offers on My...

Thursday3rd Aug 2017

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  • News My Nintendo Updates with New Kirby and Star Fox Rewards

    Along with plenty of others

    It’s pretty safe to say that the My Nintendo rewards service has been disappointing to many, although it has been showing some signs of improvement in more recent months as the rewards have been ever so slowly getting better. Whether or not that upward trend has been continued will be up to you to decide, but Nintendo...

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