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Experience a unique combination of strategy and skill as you maintain a level playing field in the physics-based action puzzler You, Me, and the Cubes.

The action centers around Fallos, mysterious creatures that resemble humans and have an ability to balance on a playing field of 3-D cubes. First, create a pair of Fallos inside your Wii Remote™ controller by shaking it up and down. Next, determine suitable places for the Fallos to land, then fling them to the selected cube with a swinging motion. After that, the Fallos are on their own.

If your placement is sound, the Fallos will remain stable and you'll clear the stage after tossing a required number onto the cubes. But if the weight or locations of Fallos causes the cubes to tilt and sway too much, the Fallos will lose their balance and fall off.

Adding to the challenge, you'll find that some cubes have different properties, making tosses tricky and further threatening the stability of the Fallos. Guide Fallos through dozens of single-player stages or invite family and friends to join you in two-player cooperative mode.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Are these cubes worthy of Rubik, or just rubes?

Anticipation for this title has been somewhat high 'round these parts, thanks to some excellent first impressions by our own Sean Aaron. The only question was whether or not we would ever get our hands on it, but as of this week, we have. And so should...

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User Comments (13)



BleachFan said:

LOL I would play this just so I could hear the little people scream as they fell...



Terra said:

Yeah, Mii's would have been good but it doesn't matter too much. Still looks good



Syr said:

Anyone try this game yet? It looks great.. but I have so many games to beat.. my poor backlog continues to grow.

Also, is this 16:9? Ever since I got wide-screen it has become an issue.. I wish that info could be implemented into the game overview pane.



fluffychick said:

Just wondering how one ought to pronounce Fallos? Seems it might be rather similar to phallus.....

Multiplayer should be a bonus. I usually play on my own



RyuZebian said:

.... I'm I the only one who wonders just what this game is about and how you play it?! Oh well, the score says it's good.

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