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Welcome to Urbanix – a game inspired by classic computer games!

You play as Urbanix – a tiny little tractor that has to build a town on an empty field. Avoid enemies, catch and chase away house crashers – they will try to spoil your game. Play on Earth, in the North Pole or on the Moon – all locations have different gameplay mechanics, therefore you will have to adapt your strategy. Be accurate, be quick, collect bonuses on your way, and you will be the winner!

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

This tractor's a little bit rusty

Nordcurrent don't have a great record when it comes to WiiWare, having brought us the some stinkers such as Robin Hood: The Return Of Richard and 5 Arcade Gems. Now we have Urbanix, where you play as a tractor who is simply trying to build a town on an...

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Bass_X0 said:

I like Qix. This is fun for a free demo. For a little while at least.



Kaura said:

The demo suggested that this is a downgrade from my Game Boy version of Qix. Randomly appearing powerups just don't fit in and covering the field multiple times is tedious.

Also - and I mostly play colorful kid-friendly games - the game looks terrible. Especially the menus.

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