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ThruSpace is an exciting puzzle game in which you move and rotate an object called a keydron through gaps in walls.

Putting your keydron through a gap earns you points, but mastering this ability allows you to perform combos (picking up pairs of crystals simultaneously) and tricks (rotating the keydron so that its shadow covers all of the gap before passing through it), which are key to achieving high scores. Refine your skills in multiple game modes (Normal, Endless and Trick Challenge), brush up on the rules in Keydron Tutorial, or watch replay data in Keydron Memories. As the game progresses, the number of available keydrons, backgrounds, stages and levels will increase. If you have a broadband Internet connection, you can register your high scores on the leaderboard via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection and compare scores with other ThruSpace players. This game is easy to play but difficult to master. Do you have the skills and reflexes necessary to overcome the increasingly complex challenges of ThruSpace?

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

A charming little hole in the wall

WiiWare is no stranger to the puzzle genre, offering up classic experiences like Tetris Party and Dr. Mario alongside more unconventional titles like the Art Style series. Nintendo's latest title, ThruSpace, hopes to try something new to stand out in the...

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JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

This game is quite fun actually based off the demo. easy to maneuver the pieces and the speed up option is quite nice so you don't have to wait.



Will-75 said:

Well worth the points an awesome game, very high replay value. I highly recommend it...

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