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Battle for the future in a world governed by the law of the jungle.

As you move through the stages, your character evolves and your weapons and shooting abilities change. First, throw weapons by hand, then proceed to use tools and different types of projectiles. A cooperative two-player mode is also available. The controls are simple: Move the character with the control stick, adjust the crosshairs with the Wii Remote controller and shoot down targets while dodging enemy attacks. Getting hit by an enemy bullet or touching an enemy close to you will count as a miss. With each miss, you’ll lose one heart; losing all hearts will end the game.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

An evolutionary step for light gun shooters?

In the grand tradition of so-called “light gun” games, Shootanto uses the pointer function of the Wii remote to task the player with shooting targets onscreen as quickly as possible. Given the strengths of the Wii remote in this regard, the Wii...

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Stargazer said:

Are you telling me nobody got this game? Surely someone has $5 to blow on what may or may not be the most spectacular game of all time.



Ackbar7 said:

I am definitely curious how the review of this is going to be. Seems like it could be worth it, but then again the videos posted above make it look like it could be pretty lame.

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