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Try your hand at the newest puzzle craze to come out of Japan, NEVES Plus!

Enhanced for WiiWare, NEVES Plus not only retains all the simple, mind-bending tangram-based game play from the original Nintendo DS version, but also includes new multiplayer modes wrapped up in an Egyptian theme. This time, you and up to three others can work together to move, rotate and flip the seven Lucky stones into each of the 500-plus silhouette puzzles.

You can also challenge one another in new multiplayer modes such as Versus, Speed, Lucky Number and Party Mode. Whether you play every mode by yourself or with friends, NEVES Plus is set to charm you with harder-than-they-look silhouette puzzles.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Does this age-old puzzler still have what it takes?

Silhouette puzzles have been around since the early 18th century, and chances are if you're old enough to read this article, you're likely to have played one at some point in your life. The original Neves, which built an entire retail title around these...

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Terra said:

Never played the DS game but this looks good. Is this another collaboration with HVS or will Akinai use a different team for it?



Jockolantern said:

This game rocks. A very pleasant surprise on WiiWare and one of the most addictive puzzlers I've had the pleasure of playing this year. Tons of content for $6 that should keep any puzzle-loving gamer occupied for a loooooong time, as well as some terrific, engaging multiplayer modes.

IGN's 8.0 is right on the money.




I used to own the DS version actually. I found it suprisingly challehgeing! Anyway, I can't wait for this.

I thought the NL revw read more like an 8 than a 7. Insta-download for me.

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