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Join Mr. Bumblebee in his first big adventure!

Pass huge flowers and the crowd cheering in the grandstand - watch out for the waterfall! Quick, to the left, or your wings will get wet! Oh, there's Junky Punkie again, the little pest! Good thing you just collected some turbo power – now you can fly much faster than all the other insects!


  • Suitable for any age thanks to adjustable game speed!
  • Beautifully hand-drawn graphics!
  • Play alone or with up to four players!
  • Choose from four different game modes on six tracks

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by James Newton

Buzz kill

With a few exceptions – Excitebike: World Rally and Heracles: Chariot Racing chief among them – WiiWare is pretty thin on family-friendly, well-received racing titles, so the thinking behind Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion is clear. Sadly, the best...

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User Comments (6)



pixelman said:

After seeing the trailer, it looks a bit better than I was expecting. The gameplay looks kinda flat, though.



dizzy_boy said:

visualy it looks ok, the game play just seems s bit dull. atleast it`s not spogs
i predict a 5



luke17 said:

This game is an app for IPhone and IPad. It has gotten quite alot of good comments on the sites I've visited. I'm gonna go ahead and predict a surprising score of 7.

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