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The Magic Obelisk is an action-adventure game in which you become Popo, a light spirit.

Your mission is to guide Lukus, a tree spirit, to each stage's goal while moving only within the shadow. You can help him do this by shining your light near the mysterious magic obelisks, allowing you to create and connect shadows to solve tricks and gimmicks along the way. Join Lukus as he travels through a light-filled realm filled with quirky creatures and spirits, trying to find the perfect spot to become a tree. Experience meaningful encounters and partings, climb hills, cross rivers and traverse a vast desert on your way to the very edge of the world.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Running in the shadows

Whilst most of us would imagine that plants like being in sunlight so they can thrive, the tree spirit Lukus in The Magic Obelisk needs to stay in shadows. That's because he's on a big journey trying to find the right spot to lay down roots. Helping him...

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Terra said:

This looks like it could be quite fun. Screens looks very good



wa_gamer said:

I just watched the trailers of this game on YouTube. One of them was kinda touching...



argus said:

This looks pretty good... so why is it only 500 pts? That has me worried.

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