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Planning a Christmas party and want to grab guests’ attention? Or want to send greeting cards without the hassle of licking stamps? Then here is the solution: create and send fun Christmas cards with this unique WiiWare application!

Happy Holidays Christmas lets you make fun Christmas-themed e-cards and send them straight to friends' Wii consoles!

Add a tree and decorations; choose frames, stickers and music; and then write a message to friends registered in your Wii Address Book.

It might not snow this Christmas, but with this fun new software your holiday is guaranteed to be a happy one!

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Posted by Sean Aaron

We must have been very naughty indeed...

The holiday greeting card is normally innocuous enough. Often purchased with a feeling of obligation to declare one's genuinely heartfelt feelings via a mass-produced combination of sentimental/humorous messages and art/photos, they've been a staple of...

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cheetahman91 said:

Another 1/10 right here people. Or maybe NL will add 0/10's. (hopefully)
Edit: It's ESRB rated?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!



Porky said:

When is Happy Holidays: Halloween and Christmas coming to North America?



Bobpie said:

Well, I suppose Cooking Mama got pretty positive reviews, but now it's turning in to the 'Imagine' series: Gardening Mama etc.



cheetahman91 said:

Why in the name of god would they release this garbage in the US, and on the Christmas update at that.

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