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Earth's empty cans have been brought to life by the Cannoids, an alien race determined to destroy the planet.

Only Mack, a technician from the recycling facility Plant 530, stands in their way as Earth's last line of defense. Step into Mack's shoes in this guided first-person shooter as he takes on the invading aliens with only his trusty recycle cannon and a can-do attitude. Blast and vacuum (yes, vacuum) your way to victory, keeping in mind that every shot counts. Your ammo also doubles as your health, and every enemy you destroy leaves behind Can Energy that you can vacuum up and use as ammo.

Uncomplicated controls (including optional use of the Wii Zapperâ„¢ accessory) give everyone the chance to save the planet, while advanced tactics like consecutive hit combos and the tough Challenge mode give even the best players a run for their money. Are you ready to step up and put a dent in their cans?

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Posted by Sean Aaron

A shooter with can-do attitude!

Without question, lightgun games have become a Wii staple. Between standalone disc releases, original WiiWare titles and mini-game compilations you've really got your pick when it comes to games you can play whilst pretending your remote is a gun. Now...

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Terra said:

Eco Shooter? I like the sound of this. Should be interesting.



Rawk_Hawk said:

Developed by Intelligent Systems and they make good games, so I am interested

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