Eat! Fat! FIGHT! (WiiWare)

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Forget about being healthy! Here's a game that celebrates eating, getting fat, and fighting!

Hold the Wii Remote horizontally, and tilt it left, right, up or down to perform all kinds of lifts and throws just like in real sumo. There are also hidden moves like suplexes and scrapbusters thrown in for fun. Use all the moves you learn in tournaments around the world to reach the peak of sumo and become a yokozuna!

In ONE PLAYER mode, play eating or sparring minigames to make your wrestler stronger and change how they look. You can also use your own Mii faces on your wrestlers!

In TWO PLAYER mode, take on another person using default wrestlers or the wrestlers that you have created.

Chow down! Bulk up! Fight on to become the strongest sumo wrestler ever in Eat! Fat! FIGHT!

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Posted by Sean Aaron


It has been more than 20 years since Tecmo released the first sumo video game on the Famicom, so whilst this goofily named WiiWare update (we guess the original Japanese "Tsuppari Big Sumo Wii Stable" didn't have enough pizzazz) seems a bit...

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cheetahman91 said:

How can this possibly come to North America! They might as well localize Cpt. Rainbow while they're at it.



Porky said:

Mii support!? Wrestling!? Sumos!?? Awesome Ill download this as fast as lightning strikes!



Bass_X0 said:

I never would have thought Tsuppari Oozumo would ever get released outside of Japan. It may have been given a silly name but hey, if that is what it takes to get it released...



videoqueen1000 said:

the title is disturbing. i read about it on the nintendo website, and it said "forget about being healthy!". is it supposed to be encouragement towards obiesity? awful. >:(

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