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Welcome to the army, Maggots! As a newly-enlisted cadet, your brain will be challenged by the toughest Drill Sergeant around, to see if you are worthy to wear the camouflage, or if you should crawl home like a Princess.

Once players enroll in boot camp, they must instantly choose between two modes of gameplay – ‘Focus Training’ and ‘Basic Training.’ Regardless of the path the new recruit chooses, they will suddenly be thrust into life as a lowly Private, playing a variety of brain-intensive mini-games to advance their brain power and rise up the food chain to Sergeant, Lieutenant General, and eventually Field Marshall.

Players be warned, however; Drill Sergeant Mindstrong is here to ensure your boot camp experience is everything but a walk in the park. When players fail to answer questions correctly or do not answer in a timely matter, the Drill Sergeant’s anger level will increase. Once his anger has reached its limit, the Drill Sergeant is not afraid to embarrass players by making them do punishments right there on the spot.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Look alive, maggot!

The best way to describe Drill Sergeant Mindstrong would be to liken it to a military boot camp version of Brain Training. The game presents you with four basic mini-games, each with its own unique military theme complete with a Drill Sergeant barking...

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LGamer said:

Is it a army-puzzle game or something...? Looks interesting, but I need some more info...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Why hasn't this come out yet? XSEED planned on releasing this back in April... Must be somewhere in Nintendo's queue I guess.



Porky said:

Lucky UK is getting this January 29, 2010. Its an average game and is an educational game so i suggest this to those Brain Adcadimy manics.



Porky said:

Why has this been getting pushed back every week? Now its due february 19..



Starwolf_UK said:

Nintendo keep moving it back. The 1000 point price point is suicide and I have to wonder what Rising Star games is thinking...if anything the game should cost less based off its press.

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