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Christmas doesn’t have to be all work for Santa, does it?

Santa’s having some fun and wants you to play along too. You can help Santa decorate the tree by removing the presents and ornaments that he stacks. When you consecutively connect packages without missing a beat, you get extra points. Collect as many candy canes as you can because when you collect enough, Santa will add a special star to the game that can greatly help you get through a level or just bring some additional fun.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Will Clix click with puzzler fans?

With the holidays fast approaching, we always seem to see at least a handful of aptly-themed games to go along with them. This year is no different on the WiiWare service with the release of JV Games' new puzzler Christmas Clix. Christmas Clix takes the...

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cheetahman91 said:

I could play a better puzzle game than this on flash. Heck, I could play a Christmas game better than this for free on flash.



WiiCool said:

Someone said there was a flash version of this game available, but I couldn't find it? I'm not seeing that many wii christmas games this year, this better come out at a reasonable (cheap) price.



winter123 said:

Thought it said Christmas *lits. Shows where my mind is. (hint: * may or may not be the same letter as the actual title. Don't want to risk bannage.)

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