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With beautiful HD graphics, an in-depth Career mode, and exclusive Touch Screen features, Madden NFL 13 on Wii U delivers the most authentic NFL experience ever on a Nintendo platform.

Build your own legacy as a player or a coach—or relive the glory of an all-time legend—in Connected Careers. Immerse yourself in the Madden NFL experience with features exclusive to Wii U, including streamlined playcalling, personnel management, and more—all directed from the innovate touch screen on the Wii U™ GamePad. Madden NFL 13—bringing next generation innovation, gameplay, and graphics to a Nintendo platform like never before.

  • Touch Screen Controls – Call plays, draw up Hot Routes, adjust defensive assignments and call audibles all using the built-in touch screen on the GamePad. Fans can also navigate the playbook, make substitutions and change personnel package all with simple taps and swipes of the touch screen.
  • Connected Careers – Live the NFL dream whenever you want, wherever you want in a fully interactive, social, and connected online experience. Create your personal legacy or relive an all-time legend¹s as you build the ultimate franchise as a coach, an NFL superstar, or yourself. Manage your team from your console, the web, or mobile phone in a 24/7 world as NFL insiders and experts analyze, praise, and criticize every move along the way.
  • Next Gen Gameplay – With features new to the franchise like a completely redesigned passing game and the most intelligent pass defense to date, Madden NFL 13 on Wii U brings next gen gameplay and graphics straight to your living room like never before.
  • All-New Commentary – Every game has the feel of a nationally televised broadcast with CBS Sports commentators Jim Nantz and Phil Simms calling the action from the virtual 3D booth.
  • HD Graphics – With a living front end, dynamic in-game transitions, a live ticker, and drastically improved usability, Madden NFL 13 is game-changing from boot-up to credits.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Still solid after all these years

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since the first Madden Football release, and given that the game has been released on pretty much every gaming platform imaginable over the years, it was pretty much a given we'd see a release on Nintendo's new...

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crazyangrygamer4 said:

hopefully this is better than the 3DS style i wasnt to happy with what they did i would rather get this for the ps3 instead it runs better on the ps3 better but who knows maybe this might be a good game for the system i dunno hope its worth my money

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