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Help Dusty and his fearless fighters battle massive fires and learn what it takes to become a true hero!

Battle fires and save lives in over 30 Fire & Rescue Missions! Protect Piston Peak Park with 8 playable characters including Dusty, Lil‘ Dipper and Blade!

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Posted by Thomas Jones

Take Off Aborted

Movie inspired video games have often taken the liberty of deviating from the plot, throwing in events and scenarios that may be considered out of "canon" with the film's storyline and universe; a lack of faithfulness to the source material has been a...

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Burningocean said:

No comments?Okay me first!I hope its as fun as the first one,im only getting the Wii and 3DS version not Wii U.Games like this are great for spending the afternoon with my little nieces and I myself really like the Wii version of the first game,the portable version was abit lacking though so I hope this ones 3DS port is an improvemet.

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