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Mini Toys, Maximum Fun

Get that 'aha!' feeling over and over as you guide Minis – toy versions of Nintendo characters - to the exit in each puzzling stage. Tap objects—like bridges and springs—with the stylus to perfect your strategy. You can create, play and share stages online, and use the new tipping system to reward your favorite creators and unlock more content!

Donkey Kong's rivalry with Mario has reignited in an all-out puzzle challenge! Tackle tricky stages, each filled with clever obstacles: girders, spiked floors, wind-up enemies, warp pipes, conveyer belts and more! You can make your own levels and share your creations online. As you beat levels, you can earn stars, then cash in those stars to earn new parts for level creation. If you like a level someone built, tip them some stars and they'll be able to create more imaginative levels using the stars you tipped them! As a bonus, anyone who buys the Wii U version will receive a free download code for the Nintendo 3DS version, and vice versa!**

  • More than 80 puzzling stages to solve and master
  • Create your own levels and share them worldwide with others through Miiverse!
  • Reward creators who make your favorite levels using the all-new tipping system
  • Unlock additional workshop tools using tips received from other players
  • Share and play levels cross-platform between the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions
  • Players who buy one version will receive a free download code for the other version!
  • Earn special stamps to customize your posts in the Miiverse community

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Posted by Alex Olney

We tip our hats to you

Despite Mario and Donkey Kong largely getting along with one another these days, there's still the ancestral drive to kidnap women in red dresses burning in DK's DNA, and so we get the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. The latest entry, Mario vs. Donkey Kong:...

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miiandmario said:

I'm pretty hyped for this game. The online community in past games was great and I like that this one is more focused on online.



mushroomer said:

only 3 posts.. does this reflect the level of excitement for this game? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN NOT WAIT 1 MORE DAY?



Megaman422 said:

It's on the receipt for the game you got. Check "Account Activity" > Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars and click "Check Receipt." It SHOULD show up near the bottom.

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