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GEOM is a puzzle game with timed challenges. There are three modes each with its own set of rules.

The main idea was to have a game that could be easily picked up at any time as well as provide a scoring challenge to more dedicated players. The first mode has players matching blocks with the same shape by switching them around the grid and then selecting lines of three or more. In the second mode a shape is given and the player must tap all the blocks with that shape on the grid. The third and final mode has the players tapping all the blocks as they fly upwards, the catch is that certain shapes give more points. In all three modes moon and sun shapes give bonus points.

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Posted by Jake Shapiro

GEOMdude used Rock Throw!

GEOM is another low-budget title on the Wii U eShop from a fresh studio — Andraconus — and brings to mind another relatively recent offering: RCMADIAX's Blok Drop U from earlier this year. Both are simple puzzle titles that don't really live up to...

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