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Assault Android Cactus (Wii U eShop)

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Assault Android Cactus is a manic twin stick arena shooter with screens full of enemies, buckets of bullets and high scoring combo chains!

Take on the role of Cactus, an enthusiastic police android, who responds to a stranded space freighter only to discover it under siege by its malfunctioning robot workers. Cut off from the outside and in over her head, Cactus and the androids she recruits along the way battle through the crippled Genki Star to reach the brain of the ship and put things right before it's too late.


  • Multiple playable androids with unique weapon set and play styles.
  • Dynamic stages change conditions and rearrange themselves during play.
  • Heart pounding soundtrack that dynamically shifts based on your performance.
  • Giant robot bosses that unleash bullet hell and stage covering special attacks.
  • Up to four player local co-op, supports mouse and keyboard and joypad.

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News: Assault Android Cactus Still Coming To Wii U, Definitely Maybe

Assault Android Cactus Still Coming To Wii U, Definitely Maybe

Q1 2016 for real this time

We first got our grubby mitts on Assault Android Cactus at EGX in September 2013 and liked what we played of this high octane arcade-style twin stick shooter. In fact, we found ourselves eagerly awaiting its arrival which was said to be Q1 2014 at the time. Australian indie developer Witch Beam may have bitten off a bit...

News: Assault Android Cactus Brings Mega Weapons and Neat Camera Angles Into the Battle

Assault Android Cactus Brings Mega Weapons and Neat Camera Angles Into the Battle


We're rather looking forward to Assault Android Cactus - the frantic bullet-hell shoot'em up is due this Summer on PS4 and 'later' on Wii U; it's been a long time coming. The Early Access PC build has been progressing nicely, so its arrival on Wii U is certainly something to look forward to. The latest information and footage of the title...

Hands On: Assault Android Cactus

Assault Android Cactus

Crazy name, crazy game

Assault Android Cactus is a name that may initially baffle, but once the game begins makes perfect sense; that's the case with this title as a whole. Bullet-hell shooters like this can look like confusing, terrifying propositions to the wrong audience, but once into the action anyone with quick thumbs will have a lot of fun...

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User Comments (4)



AshFoxX said:

Mmmm. I love multiplayer hoard fests. f the price is right, I'm all over this.



RegalSin said:

It looks like they stripped down parts of Metroid and Mischievous Makers and stuffed it into an typical animal/mecha esque game.

Looking further into this game, more or less "Gun-Spike/Cannon-Spike"
clone ( which we need more of ). Even to say it reminds me a bit of Megaman Zero during the timed fight scenes along with "Sonic Adventure" when you are inside Robotnik's hide-out.

I understand what you mean but STV have the news as well as the contenders. If anything STV is like "Running Man" the film, only more targets.

Back to Gun-Spike. The thing about SEGA is that they used and started to reuse themes from other games, to even including an merging of themes. With Capcom + SEGA utilizing the typical commercial ficitonal material that is associated with their games. Another reason why GunSpike was playable was because it utilized characters like "Authur" from "Ghouls and Ghosts/Goblins/etc", along with Megaman ( which is just amazing ) including Cammy-White ( being an hero for the first time but still on Shadow-lu side ), and fallen Balrog ( Which takes directly from the Street Fighter II: The movie ( ZOMGSH Street FIghter II )) along with "Street Fighter:Vega".

This game is another GunSpike in the making. However I am glad for the cartoonish graphics and animations. However I wish it was more arcade and not console like. By that CannonSpike does non-stop what this does.

Even so the game looks okay. I wonder how it would look in 2d as well.

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