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Get your motor running and let your imagination go wild as the most creative racing game on the circuit comes to Wii.

TrackMania provides high speed thrills and spills at every turn – inviting you to master over 200 tracks across six unique environments and get your brain in gear by designing the wildest racing arenas you can dream up.

Three single player game modes will get your TrackMania experience off to a flying start, with Race, Platform and Puzzle modes presenting unique but equally taxing challenges. Attempt to outrun the clock and rival drivers in Race mode or make it across the finish line with as few spills as possible in the precarious Platform mode. Alternatively, if you want to test your engineering ingenuity as well as your motoring prowess, Puzzle mode will see you trying to place pieces of a track in the perfect location to shave seconds off your finishing time. Think your solution through carefully though – a badly placed section of road will see your record attempts stalling long before you reach the chequered flag.

Your racing exploits will take place across six wildly different areas, each presenting its own challenges and putting you behind the wheel of a different type of vehicle. From slipping and sliding to victory in the Rally environment to tearing up the tarmac in the Stadium, you’ll encounter more twists, turns and gravity-defying jumps than you ever imagined possible. As you race you’ll earn Coppers for your efforts – an in-game currency that can be exchanged for more tracks, vehicle skins and, most importantly, new blocks with which to build your own racing circuits.

TrackMania’s 3D track editor puts amazing creative powers in your hands as you place hundreds of different building blocks in any order you like to produce your own courses. Add loop-the-loops, jumps, forks in the road, vertical ramps, boost panels and much more as you go completely overboard and dream up the wildest tracks imaginable. The sky is literally the limit as you come up with circuits that you’ll be free to play yourself or share with friends anywhere via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Inviting your friends to try your tracks with you online is just one of the multiplayer options available in TrackMania. Via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection you can also race against up to five other players, while offline play allows four drivers to compete simultaneously in fast and furious split-screen challenges (or up to eight taking turns in Hotseat Mode). The freedom to use the Wii Wheel, Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Classic Controller (Pro) means everyone can get behind the wheel in whatever way they’re most comfortable.

Brace yourself for a collision of creativity and foot-to-the-floor racing action as TrackMania comes to Wii and places you firmly in the driving seat!

  • Race on over 200 tracks in six unique environments. Each environment requires you to get to grips with a new vehicle
  • Let your imagination run wild as you create incredible new circuits with the game’s 3D track editor and share them with friends online
  • Share the fun with up to three other players in split-screen races or take on up to five opponents via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn


Mention the name TrackMania to any console gamer and barely anyone will know what you're talking about. Mention it to hardcore PC gamers, however, and there's a good chance they'll regale you with stories of what is perhaps the best racing series out...

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User Comments (7)



pixelman said:

Sucks that this got pushed back to December. I'm'a really looking forward to it.



bagwell1212 said:

Looks interesting. May buy this one now after watching the video. Aces fan (comment #2) Go Thunder! At least we agree on this game!



Machu said:

I've lost whole weeks (possibly months) to TM, and soon, I shall be consumed by apex hugs all over again. I can't wait!



MerlinDrazziw said:

They got the game bundled with a wheel here in NL, I don't need another wheel! Guess I'll just have to wait a little longer and buy it from outside of NL. Was really looking forward for this game.



RightHemisphereG said:

Hello, I live in N.A. & I em excited about TM Wii when it does get here.
-I was hopeing get more thoughts on the DS game to tide me-over. #1 is the sound design good, is it on pair with Sega Rally? thx,

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