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As you hear the roar of the crowd from the next hole over, can you handle the mounting pressure while you stand over your tournament-winning putt? Expanded crowds surround every hole; adding to the tension and excitement of each shot. A first for the franchise, real-time weather will be reflected on every course, ensuring the in-game experience matches that of the current weather conditions.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 will also feature a television broadcast style presentation, which include instantaneous updates and a new announcer team of ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt and the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 on the Nintendo Wii will support the all-new Wii MotionPlus accessory, which brings an authentic sports motion to your golf swing; including the ability to draw and fade. Whether it’s opening up your clubface to take on that dogleg or tap in that five-foot putt – Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 with the Wii MotionPlus is like bringing a golf simulator to your living room.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Will Wii MotionPlus help EA land this golf franchise on the green, or is it just a sand trap for your wallet?

The Tiger Woods games are the current ‘serious’ golf games for PCs and consoles, but let's be honest: how seriously can you take a game of golf that you play with a keyboard or analogue sticks? Tiger Woods 10, (the 12th game in the Tiger Woods series,...

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Wow, right now the lowest score for this game is a 90. I guess it is really good



feng said:

This game is amazing for any golf fan, the motion plus controls work great too, it makes it feel like a real game of golf for a change with the advanced swing method really punshing any errors. I got this on release and have found it really addictive, Highly recommend it even to non golfers as there is a good party mode and the disc golf is great too.



colmtheperson said:

Is this game not out in Europe yet? Pretty sure I saw it in game yesterday.... Or is it that nl isn't sure of the date? Well I dunno either so I suppose I'll have to forgive :)

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