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Since the Sakura Wars franchise first started in 1995, it has sold over 3.5 million units worldwide.

This success isn't limited to just video games; Sakura Wars has found popularity as a staged production, anime series, and printed publications. In this game, the setting moves from Japan to New York, bringing with it a whole new cast of characters. The series conventions remain fresh and intact along with some new features to enhance game play. It's a completely unique, but related, title in the Sakura Wars franchise!

The main character is Shinjiro Taiga, a young Navy Lieutenant and nephew of the hero of the previous 4 games. The story begins as Shinjiro arrives in 1928 New York.

Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love welcomes some new features to the game play. In addition to ground-based battles (ARMS: Active & Real-time Machine System), you can engage in air combat. While in air combat mode, the STARs transform from their robotic form to an air fighter form to further enhance the experience of fighting in the skies.

During the Adventure portions of the game, characters have made the transition into 3D and the world map has been extended in order to allow you to freely walk around New York City. New features have been added to the long-standing LIPS (Live & Interactive Picture System), and new gameplay variations utilizing LIPS further improve the game play.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Genre-mashing cinematic robot-girly goodness

It might seem surprising that one of Sega's longest-running and most successful franchises would never have seen the light of day outside of Japan, possibly a result of it being perceived as "too Japanese". namely due to a strong adventure game...

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Rebel81 said:

Already have the European version and just played the first episode and it's really great. Also it was nice prcied at only 35 euro

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