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News: PES 2011 Promises a Wii Control Revolution

PES 2011 Promises a Wii Control Revolution

Dribbling all over the place

Last year's PES 2010 offered the Wii's best kick-about yet, with plenty of options and an improved control scheme. This year's entry, which you won't be surprised to hear is called PES 2011, is promising further enhancements to the dribbling mechanics, with full 360ยบ freedom at the top of the list. As well as the ability to pull off tight turns and jinking runs using..

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The first footage of Konami's upcoming soccer sensation, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for Wii. Now with 360 dribbling!

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FonistofCruxis said:

I may've got the date wrong but at least I was right about the original release shown being wrong.



Tops said:

If the review for this is better than FIFA 11 then I might get it although compared to other games coming out this is pretty low on my list.



manoman said:

This version doesn't have Stadium Editor. I was really bummed when I got it. Sorry

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