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In The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, Middle-earth comes to Nintendo Wii™ for the first time ever, delivering action-packed gameplay by utilising the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™.

Become the legendary Aragorn and embark upon a quest reliving the hero's most valiant battles from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Wielding a sword, shield, bow and spear, players will battle enemies while journeying through a colourful and fresh rendition of Middle-earth. On horseback, players can switch between spear and sword to take down evil foes as part of a truly action-packed gameplay experience. Exclusively for the Wii, two-player co-op gameplay featuring Gandalf allows kids, families and friends to work together in the heart of the action.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

“It is but a shadow and a thought that you love. I cannot give you what you seek.”

As a hack-'n-slash game based on the famous movie franchise, Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest enters a field that is already well-plowed by earlier releases. But with it's unusual twist on storytelling, is there something here worthwhile to nudge...

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Gandalf Joins Aragorn's Quest in Co-operative Gameplay Video

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In development at Headstrong Games of Battalion Wars and House of the Dead: Overkill fame, Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest takes the titular bearded hero through a series of trials. What could be better than one bearded hero? Two bearded heroes of course, as this video shows Gandalf fighting side-by-side with Aragorn. Gandalf naturally has access to powers..

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DarkEdi said:

why the initial text say "allow kids, families... to work together" and the video says "content innapropiate for children"?

It seems good game.

P.D. My first first.
P.D. 2: Many listed "coming soon" in this page already are in sale years ago!! like Tomb Rider for DS or Legacy Warriors 2 for DS too.




Looks decent. A bit blocky, but that may be the cel shaped effects.

This is definately on my radar.



rmasoni said:

Looks fun. I like the artstyle. Would be cooler if there was Legolas and Gimli too.

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