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Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep offers six new ocean locations to explore. Plunge into the icy Arctic waters or explore the sunken wrecks in the Aegean Sea and for the first time, venture into rivers such as the mysterious Brazilian Amazon, to discover a vast array of freshwater wildlife. For the first time you can even step ashore onto dry land to explore birds and other non-aquatic wildlife.

Your diving missions will include helping maintain coral reefs, riding on dolphins and swimming with humpback whales. You will be equipped with new tools to aid in your encounters. The Pulsar gun will be required to repel any unexpected encounters with predators of the deep but will also allow you to heal any sick creatures you may discover on your quest.

As well as the mesmeric and relaxing underwater scenery to enjoy, you can locate precious artefacts using your Treasure Detector, act as a diving escort, take photographs for nature magazines - building your diving skills and opening up new challenges as you go. As you explore, you can complete missions and solve mysteries before moving on to a new area.

The game offers single and multiplayer modes and using Nintendo’s Wi- Fi Connection you can link to another player’s Wii and explore each other’s oceans and rivers. Using Wii Speak, you can share your encounters, marine missions and swim with your fellow explorers.

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Posted by James Newton

What lurks beneath?

2007’s Endless Ocean was a true original: a diving game that made little attempt to be a game, basing most of its gameplay around just touching fish. As part of the Touch Generations range it clearly appealed to enough aspiring divers to merit a sequel,...

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User Comments (9)



Chromaticed said:

There is a trailer for the game over at the Nintendo Channel. It appears that sharks can harm you!



NintendoFreak said:

startin to doubt this game cos your air is now a problem! u have to constantly go up for air, "APPARENTLY" and sharks can harm you in the game...ill wait for people to buy this before me....



Goldmidget said:

this one looks more action based i was hoping for a different area and secrets ,but it looks like u have to heal fish and, do survey checks ,and the animals can harm you which i think alot of people arnt going to like if thay were a fan of the first game



jhuhn said:

The release dates are February 5, 2010 in UK/EU and February 22, 2010 in North America where it's title is named Endless Ocean: Blue World.



Carb said:

I'm loving this game. I never played the original so I can't compare the two but it sounds like the "no story" approach of the first game would have gotten a little old with me. Here, the story pushes you along to a lot of strange environments and adds to the constant desire to explore by giving you long-range goals and riddles to attempt to understand.

This is definitely a "different" kind of game. It's slow and relaxing, but it's not boring. People who are not interested in fish will probably not enjoy the simple tasks of healing and photographing fish, tho. For me, about 10 hours in, I find myself with so much to do!

As for attacking animals, it does not add an "action" element to the game but does add tension to the environments. Though you can't die, getting attacked by a group of sharks is exciting and there's a great spin reaction when you get hit by their tails.

Overall, the majestic beauty of the animals really shines, especially the whales. This game is a gift for water-signs like me.

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