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Bass_X0 said:

So a WiiWare version of a Gamecube game already ported to the Wii as a retail game.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

No, that's not it. They themselves have said that the game is the sequel to Cocoto Magic Circus the very game mentioned above.




We used to own Cocoto Magic Circus Wii. Its a competent, "not bad", shooting game but overall very average. You could complete the adventure mode in hard difficulty in an hour! It had some ok-ish replay value in freeplay mode. I sold it on as we ceased playing it after a fair amount of plays. One thing that's funny is that I always thought it would be much better suited as a wiiware title.....and lo and behold!

As a wiiware title it is a potential solid 8/10 game imho and a worthy download (that is if the sequel is anything like magic circus)



GotWii said:

Thanks that is good information. I will put it on my ever growing list
It would be nice if this turned out a 8/10




Hang on. This has gone from bring listed as an upcomin wiiware title to an upcoming "wii" title. I presume that means an upcoming wii retail title.

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