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Alien Syndrome offers two fast-paced action-RPG modes – the dramatic and engaging single-player campaign, plus a hugely re-playable co-op multiplayer mode where up to four players can delve into the daring quest. Derived from the classic SEGA IP, Alien Syndrome for the Wii plunges players into its easy to pick up and play action-RPG gameplay, while offering depth and a wealth of features and missions to challenge all gamers.

Alien Syndrome puts players in control of the strong and enigmatic heroine – Earth Command Trooper Aileen Harding – as she battles through a wide variety of environments including onboard infested spaceships and bizarre alien planets, taking on a mixture of fearsome aliens and colossal bosses. Players can choose from a wide selection of character specialties and skills to hone their character before embarking upon their sci-fi adventure. As they progress through the engrossing campaign, protected by different types of armour and using a variety of melee and ranged weaponry, players can improve their heroine’s statistics and discover powerful new abilities.

“Completely re-designed from the ground up, this new Alien Syndrome offers a refreshing blast-athon on a venerable classic,” said Larry Holland, President and Creative Director of Totally Games. “As well, it has allowed us to exercise our science fiction chops to the fullest to create a totally involving futuristic action-RPG game experience.”

Alien Syndrome offers 20 different weapons to use, ranging from flamethrowers, quad-barrelled lasers, nanobot swarms that dissolve enemies and incendiary grenades that unleash fire geysers from the ground. Each weapon offers different advantages and disadvantages, dependent upon how it is used and which speciality the player has chosen to adopt. With the sheer variety of weapons and abilities available to players, any number of combat strategies can be used to defeat hordes of more than 100 different alien enemies.

Alien Syndrome on the Wii will utilise the Wii Remote’s unique gyroscopic feature by enabling players a full range of motion when slashing through enemies, unloading devastation on bosses, or running and gunning through hallways. Players will also be able to access various new game modes and mechanisms. These extra features include using the Wii controllers to craft new items, to enhance existing items and character abilities and to hack into computer systems.

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edofthe209 said:

Honestly, the only thing that has kept me from this game is a lack of multiplayer. I tend to think top down shooter games like this really benefit from having 2 guys on screen at once, a la Smash TV. In other words: I really want Animales De La Muerte to come out!



techno_shaman_ichauk said:

This game was actually quite fun, but the lack of multiplayer kind of killed it for me. That and the annoying camera control were the only real flaws I thought.



edofthe209 said:

What's odd is, the back of the box says "Four Person Co-Op Multiplayer" hmmm it's now only 10 bucks so what do i have to lose?



Aronos said:

I just saw a quick youtube review and apparently it does have a 4-player co-op mode. Idk how you get to it, or why it seemed to be hidden, but oh well.



wolfslayer said:

Aronos,edofthe209,techno:its easy! You know when you have to activate your character in order to play, there are also similar boxes that do the same for multiplayer (i.e point at adjacent boxes and press A the activate player-2 player-3 etc)
Cool tip:If you have played up to a certain point with a certain character, you can keep him and start from the beginning with all of the upgrades!!!

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