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Panic Bomber (VB / Virtual Boy)

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The dark island of Ever-Mist is permanently enshrouded in a deep, dreary fog. Many adventurers have traveled there in quest of the legendary Golden Statue of Bomberman, but none have returned...

The legend states, "He or she who gathers together the three celestial medals of power, which lie on the island of Ever-Mist, shall open the gates and gain access to the statue."

Learning this, Bomberman sets off on another great adventure!

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Posted by Dave Frear

Boom blocks!

With any new hardware release people look forward to new games, but are also excited to see what will be done with an existing game series. Due to the short amount of time the Virtual Boy was around before Nintendo gave up on it, very few series received...

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RegalSin said:

Panic Bomber was an colorful puzzle-game for the SNES and we got this nonsense for the Virtual Boy. End-of-line. Speaking of horror-stories the same could be said for WaterWorld not being made for the SNES.
I am talking about the Virtual Boy game.

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