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Super Double Dragon (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Punch, kick and smash your way through this exclusive Super Nintendo adventure and rescue Marian!

Take control of fighting brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee as they try to track down narcotics investigator Marian, who's disappeared whilst trying to infiltrate the ruthless criminal mob known as the Black Shadow Warriors.

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Posted by Jamie O'Neill

Billy and Jimmy Lee star in Super Double Draggin'!

The scene is set: grimy, littered streets patrolled by ruthless gangs, whose sole intent is to cause mayhem in the neighbourhood. This urban jungle setting for Return of Double Dragon (Super Double Dragon in the West) is as synonymous with 2D side...

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CaptainOlimar said:

So i was looking on the list of SNES games, and this showed up as the second worst scored one. Why is this one so bad?

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