Kid Dracula (NES)

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A Castlevania spoof with a lot of bite!

His pearly white canines drive all the girls crazy and his keen sense of humor makes them scream...literally! He's Kid Dracula, star of the legendary show Transylvania 90210. He's also the living dead which makes him even more fun!

As Kid Dracula you must set out on an adventure to stop the evil wizard Garamoth from taking over the realm. You'll have to traverse through 9 levels and 5 mini-games if you're to have any hope of putting a stop to his evil plans.

Kid Dracula will can earn 6 magical powers that will aide him on his adventure. They range from the ability to change into a bat to being able to hang upside down from the ceiling. There's even the umbrella shield and bat bomb when things get desperate. There's no end to the mighty powers of Kid Dracula and he'll need every one of them if he's to be successful.

  • 6 special magical powers
  • 9 enormous levels
  • 5 mini game crypts
  • 11 bosses to fight
  • Tons of spooky monsters to battle

Can you take on the challenge and save Kid Dracula's Realm from Garamoth?

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Mabbit said:

haha, i like the photos with the dancers who are saying "We love NintendoLife!"



Corbs said:

Maybe a slim chance at best. I was hoping after Bio Miracle, we might see it, but so far, it hasn't happened.

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