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Master Higgins is back in the second instalment of the classic Adventure Island series.

This time, the Evil Witch Doctor and his monsters have taken over the island and captured Higgins's sweetheart too.

To reach her, Higgins must get through eight islands filled with stages of increasing difficulty. Along the way to each stage's goal, he'll encounter numerous enemies and obstacles. The last stage of each island contains an end boss that will push Higgins to his limits.

In addition to his trusty axe, Higgins can enlist the help of four dinosaurs with different abilities that come in handy on land, sea and even in the air. With the help of his companions, only Master Higgins can restore peace to the island and save the lovely Tina!

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USA USA Version

Posted by Morgan Sleeper

"Just you wait, Master Higgins!"

The original Adventure Island — though a fun little platformer in its own right — is most fondly remembered today for being a strikingly comprehensive clone of SEGA's Wonder Boy, as a result of developer Escape licensing the property (minus SEGA's...

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Higgins returns

The first Adventure Island was nothing more than a copy of Wonder Boy with some redone graphics. While Wonder Boy quickly became more of an Action RPG series, Adventure Island stuck to the platformer formula for a while before eventually following the...

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Head back to Adventure Island

Hudson hero Master Higgins resurfaces on Virtual Console in Adventure Island II, alongside new titles from Ludia and Tivola. Virtual ConsoleAdventure Island II (Hudson, NES, 500pts) — Master Higgins is back with his trusty axe, four dinosaurs and an evil witch to take down. This NES platformer brings back fond memories for many, so we'll bring you a full and honest..

News: Rejoin Master Higgins with Adventure Island II on Friday

Rejoin Master Higgins with Adventure Island II on Friday

First of three on the way

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Hudson Continues Its Virtual Console Support with Adventure Island II

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Kurachi said:

wow, nice to see this, i'd like to see that going to VC
i loved those dino's, thats why i played it



pixelman said:

@StarBoy91: Actually, theblackdragon gave it to me on her birthday. I've been wearing it since to protect my brain from conspiracy rays.

It's a long story DDD:



HolyBlade said:

Holy crap, I'm jealous of you european guys.

We need this game released in America ASAP!



vikingscool said:

I played it very long time ago, I haven't been played for many years.
I'm very disappointed with NOA for not releasing this game for this week!
I am waiting very patiently for it. Come on, Nintendo, please bring it back to Virtual Console. Thanks!

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