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The land of Holodrum is slowly withering.

Onox, the General of Darkness, has imprisoned the Oracle of Seasons and is draining the very life out of the land. With the seasons in tumult and the forces of evil running rampant, the world looks for a hero... and finds Link.

His quest won't be easy - he'll have to master the seasons themselves if he's to turn back the evil tide.

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Battle seasoned

The central combat mechanics of The Legend of Zelda series has seen several iterations over the decades. The classic top-down gameplay of the original was morphed into a faster, action heavy side-scroller in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, only to be...

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Geonjaha said:

Please come to the 3DS VC soon. :3
We need Seasons and Ages to complete the Zelda collection on our 3DS'.

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